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Visits for E-Commerce Project

A subview of chronology of events

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Sr Chrono-logy Ref Date Activity Type of Activity Visit
1 1.1 1-Apr-00 Establishment of E-Commerce Working Group. IT Policy Presentation in Islamabad Meeting of national IT experts Islamabad
2 1.8 21-Apr-00 Submitted E-Commerce Objectives & Action Plan as suggested in 17/4/00 IT Policy Meeting in Islamabad Prepared EC Action Plan & Summary Islamabad
3 2.4* 11-May-00 Meeting with Minister S&T, presentation of proposals/ recommendations of ECWG meetings. Islamabad Coordination with MoST regarding EC initiatives Islamabad
4 2.5* 12-May-00 Seminar on E-Commerce by CSP Islamabad. Over 150 participants briefed about the E-Commerce action plan Awareness of over 150 participants, 3 speakers Islamabad
5 2.30 30-May-00 Proposed e-Banking Plan to Governor SBP with Minister & Secy, MoST and ECWG members in Islamabad Prepared e-Banking plan,  presentation to SBP Governor Islamabad
6 3.4 6-Jun-00 Coordination with MoST for followup on open issues contained in 11 drafts from DFA1-11 in Islamabad Coordination with MoST on progress Islamabad
7 3.16 20-Jun-00 Presentation on E-Commerce law roadmap in Inter-Ministerial Meeting at Islamabad with ECWG Coordination with Ministries with MoST Islamabad
8 3.17 21-Jun-00 Presentation to Chief Executive and Federal Cabinet in Islamabad Prepared national EC action plan and recommendations  Islamabad
9 4.10 26-Jul-00 Progress report on e-banking initiatives and coordination with SBP and follow up with Ministry in Islamabad Coordination with MoST. 2-day visit Islamabad
10 5.3* 3-Aug-00 Progress report and discussion with Ministry officials on ECH task force in Islamabad Coordination with MoST Islamabad
11 5.7* 8-Aug-00 Review of E-Commerce Progress in Islamabad with MoST officials Coordination with MoST Islamabad
12 5.8* 12-Aug-00 Organization of 1-day Opstec Conference on E-Commerce at Lahore in collaboration with ECWG Awareness of over 300 participants, 12 speakers Lahore
13 5.16 26-Aug-00 Presentation of electronic trade facilitation action plan relating to Chairman CBR along with Secy IT at Islamabad Prepared & presented action plan presentation  Islamabad
14 6.2* 7-Sep-00 E-Commerce for Exporters Seminar at Sialkot. Presentation of E-Commerce plan for exporters Awareness Seminar of over 100 participants Sialkot
15 6.6 11-Sep-00 5-day AFACT Annual Meeting in Taiwan. Pakistan was made 14th member of Asia Pacific Council for E-Business and Trade Facilitation. Collaboration with Intl experts, vetting of National EC Plan  Taiwan Singapore
16 6.14* 21-Sep-00 Requirements analysis with Ministry officials on the requested PC-1s  Coordination with MoST Islamabad
17 7.2* 3-Oct-00 Coordination with MoST on the processing of submitted PC-1s in Islamabad Operationalizing the EC project Islamabad
18 7.4* 10-Oct-00 Coordination with IT Commission, PRAL, Comsats for operationlizing the EC implementation plan in Islamabad Coordination with Stakeholders Islamabad
19 7.10 24-Oct-00 Review of ECWG action plan with Minister & presentation of Tariq Habib to the Ministry in Islamabad Coordination with international experts Islamabad
20 7.13 28-Oct-00 E-Commerce Board PC-1 approved by DDWP subject to approval of board by Cabinet in Islamabad Result Islamabad
21 8.3* 12-Nov-00 Followup with Ministry on DDWP's approval status of EC Board PC1 and discussion on future course of actions in Islamabad Coordination with MoST on execution infrastructure Islamabad
22 8.8* 20-Nov-00 1-Day E-Commerce & e-Banking Workshop at Islamabad for Banking Professionals EC training of over 25 bankers, 5 speakers Islamabad
23 8.15 30-Nov-00 Review of suggested replies to MoC with MoST officials in Islamabad Coordination with MoST Islamabad
24 9.8* 10-Dec-00 Meeting with Minister on e-Commerce Conference & SBP related coordination in Islamabad Coordination with MoST on open issues Islamabad
25 10.2* 16-Jan-01 1-Day E-Commerce &e-Banking Workshop at Lahore for Banking Professionals Training of ~ 50 participants, 5 speakers Lahore
26 10.12* 27-Jan-01 Meeting with GE experts from Saudi Arabia and Dubai in Dubai for the enablement of GE Switch in Pakistan Fast enabling of EC infrastructure Dubai
27 11.14 22-Feb-01 Half-day E-Commerce in Banking Workshop at Peshawar for Banking Professionals Training of over 15 bankers by 3 experts Peshawar
28 11.17 27-Feb-01 Meeting with Dr. Hameed & COMSATS team for review & submission 3 PC-1s/Annexures in Islamabad Coordination with MoST, COMSATS for exec agency Islamabad
29 12.6* 16-Mar-01 Evaluation of TradeSiam, EC provider of Thailand in visit to Bangkok Meeting with International experts Thailand
30 13.2* 2-Apr-01 Presentation to DDWP of two E-Commerce PC-1s on Training & Messages exchange in Islamabad PC-1's approval by DDWP Islamabad
31 13.11* 17-Apr-01 Coordination with MoST for establishing execution agency and next steps  for approved PC-1s in Islamabad Operationalizing the EC project Islamabad
32 14.2* 7-May-01 Minister S&T apprised on developments in E-Commerce Financial sector implementation plan. Islamabad visit Meeting in Islamabad to review execution status Islamabad
33 14.17* 23-May-01 E-Commerce Legislation Meeting with  Legal Consultant on invitation of MoST in Islamabad Coordination with MoST & stakeholders Islamabad
34 14.19* 29-May-01 Meeting with Ministry officials, and submission of reports in Islamabad Submission of draft reports Islamabad
35 15.3* 8-Jun-01 Meeting with MoST officials on status of EC Projects that have been stalled since the approvals of the PC1s MoST informed about the stalled status Islamabad
36 16.4* 20-Jul-01 Meeting in Islamabad with Secretary to discuss status of EC Project. Secy desired another presentation Discussion on EC Projects status Islamabad
37 18.4* 6-Oct-01 5-day AFACAT meeting at Jakarta. Meetings with EC solution providers. Presentation of Country Report Sharing from the experience of International experts  Indonesia