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E-Commerce Working Group (ECWG) Initiatives

      E-Commerce Working Group Initiatives: View-D    
Sr Chrono-logy Ref Date Activity Type of Activity ECWG
1 1.4 7-Apr-00 Prepared agenda for First ECWG meeting focused on different stakeholders Invited prominent stakeholders from private and public sector ECWG 
2 1.5 8-Apr-00 First meeting of E-Commerce Working Groups (ECWG) for Trade Facilitation, EFT, Law and Infrastructure Established EC Working Groups of major stakeholders ECWG
3 1.6 13-Apr-00 Review at SBP of recommendations of ECWG meeting of 8 Apr Coordination with SBP and  other stakeholders ECWG
4 1.10 25-Apr-00 Organized workshop of 4 WGs at EC Conference on advice of Chairman EPB; ~ 50 participants in each WG  Obtained consensus on EC Action Plan in IT Policy ECWG
5 2.1 3-May-00 Review of conference recommendations of EFTWG: Issues of Internet transfers, standards, HR, inter-bank transfers FWG meeting of 14 stakeholders ECWG 
6 2.2 4-May-00 Preparation of pilot project proposals recommended by the TFWG during April 26 workshop  TFWG meeting of 11 stakeholders ECWG
7 2.3 10-May-00 Preparation of TOR for ECH and proposal for seminars for bankers and internet merchant accounts FWG meeting of 14 stakeholders ECWG 
8 2.4* 11-May-00 Meeting with Minister S&T, presentation of proposals/ recommendations of ECWG meetings. Islamabad Coordination with MoST regarding EC initiatives ECWG
9 2.8 17-May-00 Evaluation of proposed ECH requirements, and electronic utility bills payments systems by financial sector experts FWG meeting of 13 members ECWG 
10 2.14 18-May-00 Finalized procedure for exports < $500, defined pilot project and related cyber laws for EC exports through internet TFWG meeting of 7 members of the stakeholder organizations ECWG
11 2.25 24-May-00 Evaluation of the feasibility of Internet Merchant Accounts and preparation of agenda for SBP Governor meeting FWG meeting of 6 members ECWG
12 2.27 27-May-00 Finalized proposals for Governo's meeting on EFT, Merchant Accounts, EC Network, pilot project, ECH FWG meeting of 9 members ECWG
13 3.1 1-Jun-00 Procedure for up to $500 E-Commerce exports facilitation  Discussions on TradePoint, returns, QA procedures TFWG meeting of 8 members for refinement of the procedure ECWG 
14 3.10 10-Jun-00 Development of procedure for e-form pilot project and discussion on open procedural issues TFWG of 9 stakeholders ECWG
15 3.11 12-Jun-00 Analysis of IT Ordinance Draft and development of proposals LegalWG meeting with 12 stakeholders ECWG 
16 3.12 12-Jun-00 Resolution of issues in procedure for internet related shipments TGWG of 7 participants ECWG 
17 3.15 19-Jun-00 Prepared presentation for inter-ministerial meeting with stakeholder ministries Legal WG meeting of 9 stakeholders ECWG 
18 4.1 8-Jul-00 Identification of issues in the development of EFT infrastructure at the inter-branch level FWG meeting with 12 stakeholders ECWG
19 4.7 14-Jul-00 Evaluation of alternatives for  National EFT Data Comm Network by stakeholders and area experts FWG meeting with 7 participants ECWG
20 4.9 25-Jul-00 Costing of National network for Intra bank EFT of major branches. Development of NPS Plan FWG meeting with 7 participants ECWG
21 5.5 7-Aug-00 FWG meeting at IBA and review with Secy IT&T of tasks at PTCL Coordination with MoST, PTCL ECWG
22 5.10 17-Aug-00 Identified survey questions for obtaining autmation status of banks with reference to Ecommerce & ebanking FWG meeting of 7 members ECWG 
23 5.14 25-Aug-00 Finalized E-Commerce action plan proposals and presentation for CBR  TFWG meeting with 11 stakeholders ECWG 
24 7.8 23-Oct-00 Presentation/review of EC trade sector plan of TFWG with Tariq Habib, expert from Itisalaat, on behest of MoST 12 TFWG members' interaction with international experts ECWG 
25 7.9 23-Oct-00 Presentation/Review of financial sector plan prepared by FWG & ECH task force by Tariq Habib, on MoST's behest Coordination with international experts ECWG 
26 12.11 27-Mar-01  International consultants, EC solution providers met with TFWG at SBP to review EC plan and projects for messages development TFWG meeting with international experts of 20 participants ECWG
27 14.17* 23-May-01 E-Commerce Legislation Meeting with  Legal Consultant on invitation of MoST in Islamabad Coordination with MoST & stakeholders ECWG
28 15.2 7-Jun-01 Arranged E-Commerce Legislation Workshop with over 60 participants and 4 speakers for delegation from Ministry Coordination with MoST officials and representatives ECWG
29 17.7 22-Aug-01 FWG and ECH meeting with banks representatives & advisor MoST at SBP to review the banking sector initiatives Coordination with MoST & banks ECWG