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E-Commerce Awareness and Training Initiatives

A subview of chronology

      E-Commerce Awareness & Training Initiatives: View-F       
Sr Chrono-logy Ref Date Activity Type of Activity Event other views
1 1.9* 24-Apr-00 Organized 2-day National E-Commerce Conference: Over 600 participants, 30 speakers National EC Conference with over 600 participants Event conference
2 2.5* 12-May-00 Seminar on E-Commerce by CSP Islamabad. Over 150 participants briefed about the E-Commerce action plan Awareness of over 150 participants, 3 speakers Event seminar
3 3.19 24-Jun-00 Dissemination of National E-Commerce Action Plan presented to Cabinet at NCR Seminar Awareness of over 400 participants Event seminar
4 4.11* 29-Jul-00 Two day course on E-Commerce and Electronic Transactions for professionals. Prepared training program Training of 20 participants Event course
5 5.8* 12-Aug-00 Organization of 1-day Opstec Conference on E-Commerce at Lahore in collaboration with ECWG Awareness of over 300 participants, 12 speakers Event conference
6 5.12* 23-Aug-00 E-Commerce Challenges for Software Houses Seminar at IBA, for identifying ITrequirements in collaboration with ECWG Awareness of 300 professionals participated, 6 speakers Event seminar
7 6.1* 5-Sep-00 1-day EC Workshop at Karachi for bankers & other  professionals Training of over 20 professionals Event course
8 6.2* 7-Sep-00 E-Commerce for Exporters Seminar at Sialkot. Presentation of E-Commerce plan for exporters Awareness Seminar of over 100 participants Event seminar
9 6.15* 25-Sep-00 E-Commerce plan presentation at Freight Forwarders Association Workshop on E-Commerce for Logistics Awareness of over 80 participants, 8 speakers Event Plan
10 7.7* 21-Oct-00 E-Commerce Bryj Seminar at IBA, Karachi in collaboration with ECWG Awareness of ~300 participants, 5 speakers Event seminar
11 8.2* 7-Nov-00 E-Commerce plan presented at Mobile Commerce seminar at Marriot Karachi Awareness of over 300 participants, 5 speakers Event seminar
12 8.4* 13-Nov-00 1-day E-Commerce in Banking Workshop at Karachi for Banking Professionals EC/E-Banking Training of ~15 bankers, 3 speakers Event course
13 8.6 17-Nov-00 E-Commerce Seminar for Bankers. Chaired by Gov SBP, Minister S&T. Attended by all top bankers and executives Awareness/Training of over 200 senior bankers,  5 speakers Event seminar
14 8.7* 18-Nov-00 Presentation of E-Commerce plan at Dialog Forum Seminar and meeting with Secy and Minister EC awareness of 100 participants at the seminar Event seminar
15 8.8* 20-Nov-00 1-Day E-Commerce & e-Banking Workshop at Islamabad for Banking Professionals EC training of over 25 bankers, 5 speakers Event course
16 8.11* 25-Nov-00 Paper on Standardization of Electronic Documents for E-Commerce at IEEEP conference  Awareness/Training of ~100 IT professionals Event article
17 10.2* 16-Jan-01 1-Day E-Commerce &e-Banking Workshop at Lahore for Banking Professionals Training of ~ 50 participants, 5 speakers Event seminar
18 10.9* 23-Jan-01 CSP Seminar and Meeting with Aftab Rizvi, GGS-AU, e-synergies Pty Ltd, Australia International experts Event seminar
19 10.10* 23-Jan-01 E-Commerce Implementation Pakistan: in Special Issue of "IT-Future of Pakistan" Dawn Conference & Exhibition Article in Special Issue on IT of Dawn Event article
20 11.3* 10-Feb-01 Presentation of IT Management Skills required for large E-Commerce/E-Government projects at  KIIT Seminar  Awareness of over 100 IT professionals Event seminar
21 11.14 22-Feb-01 Half-day E-Commerce in Banking Workshop at Peshawar for Banking Professionals Training of over 15 bankers by 3 experts Event course
22 12.4* 12-Mar-01 B2B and/or B2C E-Commerce for Pakistan. Action Plan dissemination Article in Pak & Gulf Economist Event article
23 12.8* 24-Mar-01 Collaboration on behalf of MoST in 2-day International Conference on IT  Commerce Network  Over 400 participants coordination with MoST Event conference
24 12.9* 26-Mar-01 E-Commerce Building Blocks presented at the HP Seminar Seminar with ~150 participants, 5 speakers Event seminar
25 13.13 19-Apr-01 2-day Course on Internet and E-Commerce in Banking at Institute of Bankers Pakistan, Karachi EC and E-Banking Training of over 25 bankers Event course
26 14.9* 12-May-01 Cost Efficiencies through E-Commerce, ICMAP Seminar Cost Accountant's role in EC Event seminar
27 16.3 17-Jul-01 E-Commerce in Pakistan article exploring feasibility, pilot projects, PKI, and implementation issues Artcile contribution for raising awareness Event article
28 16.5* 30-Jul-01 PKI Infrastructure for Pakistan: Article for raising awareness Article in Pak & Gulf Economist Event article
29 17.6* 17-Aug-01 2- day Workshop on Disaster Recovery of E-Banking Systems for  Bankers at IBP, Karachi Training of over 20 banks professionals, 3 speakers Event course