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Coordination with Ministry of Science and Technology

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Sr Chrono-logy Ref Date Activity Type of Activity MoST
1 1.1 1-Apr-00 Establishment of E-Commerce Working Group. IT Policy Presentation in Islamabad Meeting of national IT experts MoST
2 1.7 19-Apr-00 Minister's MoST wish to play a key role in EC implementation Assignment from MoST MoST
3 1.8 21-Apr-00 Submitted E-Commerce Objectives & Action Plan as suggested in 17/4/00 IT Policy Meeting in Islamabad Prepared EC Action Plan & Summary MoST
4 2.6 16-May-00 Ministry's letter indicating that Pakistan's law need to be modeled on Singapore's Elect. Trans. Act Assignment from MoST MoST
5 2.9b 18-May-00 Submitted a summarized month-wise fast-pace Action Plan on the request of Ministry Modified Action Plan as per MoST's  requirements MoST
6 2.9a 18-May-00 Prepared drafts for Internet Merchant Accounts, SBP meeting agenda, coordination with ministries etc. Coordination with MoST and Stakeholders and SBP MoST
7 2.15 18-May-00 Initiated process of MoST & Law ministry coordination for meeting the E-Commerce legal requirements Coordination with law ministry through MoST MoST
8 2.16 22-May-00 Minister MoST meets ECWG members to finalize actions on the proposals and other open issues.  Prepared agenda, action items, and minutes MoST
9 2.17 23-May-00 Minuted actions assigned in May 22 meeting with Minister S&T and executed actions requiring drafts preparations Actions on behalf of MoST MoST
10 2.18 23-May-00 Prepared draft agenda for cabinet meeting on E-Commerce Implementation Plan on MoSTr's 22/5 instruction: DFA 5 Consensus building and commitment of the Cabinet MoST
11 2.19 23-May-00 Prepared draft agenda for meeting with Law Minister for E-Commerce Ordinance as discussed in 22/5 meeting; DFA 6 Submitted draft ordinance and relevant material for review MoST
12 2.20 23-May-00 Prepared draft for establishing e-commerce wing/cell at relevant ministries and depts: Ref 22/5 meeting. DFA 7 Coordination with Ministries for  EC execution cells MoST
13 2.21 23-May-00 Prepared draft for encouraging setup of provincial IT Boards Sindh, NWFP as per 22/5 meeting. DFA 8 Coordination with provinces for needed execution infrastructure MoST
14 2.22 23-May-00 Prepared draft to request time on TV for e-commerce implementation plan as per 22/5 meeting. DFA 9 Coordination with Info Min for awareness & commitment MoST
15 2.23 23-May-00 Letter from Minister MoST to study e-security issues Assignment from MoST MoST
16 2.24 23-May-00 Minister's acknowledgement of draft letters of 18/5/2000 Coordination with MoST MoST
17 2.26 25-May-00 Sent agenda for Minister's meeting with Governor SBP Preparation of agenda and proposals for MoST MoST
18 2.28 29-May-00 Ministry informed about the participation of 8 ECWG members in the scheduled meeting with Governor SBP Coordination with MoST MoST
19 2.29 29-May-00 Secy MoST's assurance to reimburse travel expenses of three ECWG members for SBP Gov meeting Secy MoST's letter MoST
20 3.4 6-Jun-00 Coordination with MoST for followup on open issues contained in 11 drafts from DFA1-11 in Islamabad Coordination with MoST on progress MoST
21 3.5 6-Jun-00 Prepared draft for requesting participation from ministries not actively contributing in ECWG meetings DFA 10 Coordination with Stakeholder Ministries MoST
22 3.6 6-Jun-00 Drafted agenda for meeting at MoST to win commitment of relevant ministries on EC Legislation. DFA 11 Prepared meeting agenda MoST
23 3.8 8-Jun-00 Minister's acknowledgement of draft letters of 6/6/2000 Coordination with MoST MoST
24 3.16 20-Jun-00 Presentation on E-Commerce law roadmap in Inter-Ministerial Meeting at Islamabad with ECWG Coordination with Ministries with MoST MoST
25 3.17 21-Jun-00 Presentation to Chief Executive and Federal Cabinet in Islamabad Prepared national EC action plan and recommendations  MoST
26 3.18 22-Jun-00 Bill sent to MoST for reimbursement of expenses with reference to Secy MoST's assurance of May 29,2000 Bill for expenses MoST
27 3.20 26-Jun-00 Prepared proposal for EC Board and summary for circulation based on the proposal presented to Cabinet. DFA Summary Coordination with MoST for setting up of execution infrastructure MoST
28 3.21 27-Jun-00 Progress report to Minister Science & Technology and invitation to chair KCCI seminar Coordination with MoST and update MoST
29 4.2 10-Jul-00 Progress report to Secretary IT & Telecom Division for strategizing EC initiatives and review of progress Coordination with MoST on open issues MoST
30 4.3 10-Jul-00 Information & invitation to Secretary MoST about the seminar for bankers and coordination for attending Coordination with MoST for  banking initiatives MoST
31 4.4 11-Jul-00 Information and invitation to Secretary S&T about the seminar for bankers and coordination for attending Coordination with MoST for  banking initiatives MoST
32 4.8 22-Jul-00 Submission to Minister & Secretary of Draft Notification for PECB Revision of draft notification MoST
33 4.10 26-Jul-00 Progress report on e-banking initiatives and coordination with SBP and follow up with Ministry in Islamabad Coordination with MoST. 2-day visit MoST
34 5.1 1-Aug-00 Updated Minister MoST on plans presented to SBP and identification of issues requiring followup actions Coordination with MoST on banking initiatives MoST
35 5.2 2-Aug-00 Coordination with MoST for visit expenses  Coordination with international experts MoST
36 5.3* 3-Aug-00 Progress report and discussion with Ministry officials on ECH task force in Islamabad Coordination with MoST MoST
37 5.6a 8-Aug-00 Prepared agenda for meeting with CBR Chairman and E-Commerce plan for electronic trade faciliation. DFA-12 Coordination of MoST with CBR MoST
38 5.6b 8-Aug-00 Prepared agenda for meeting with EPB Chairman and  E-Commerce plan for facilitating exporters. DFA-13 Coordination with MoST and EPB MoST
39 5.6c 8-Aug-00 Prepared agenda for E-Commerce Planning meeting with Secretary, Min of Finance. DFA-14 Coordination with MoST and MoF MoST
40 5.6d 8-Aug-00 Prepared agenda for E-Commerce planning meeting with Secy Communications, heads of port authorities. DFA-15 Coordination with MoST and Min of Comm MoST
41 5.7* 8-Aug-00 Review of E-Commerce Progress in Islamabad with MoST officials Coordination with MoST MoST
42 5.11 21-Aug-00 Coordination with Ministry for meeting in Islamabad to discuss progress on open action items, request for TA/DA Coordination with MoST on progress and expenses MoST
43 5.15 25-Aug-00 Proposal for sharing of EC Network design with PTCL on instructions of Secy IT&T Coordination with Stakeholders MoST
44 5.16 26-Aug-00 Presentation of electronic trade facilitation action plan relating to Chairman CBR along with Secy IT at Islamabad Prepared & presented action plan presentation  MoST
45 5.17 28-Aug-00 Progress report to Secy, IT on various submission and issues. Request for expenses for international meetings Coordination with MoST on progress and expenses MoST
46 5.17a 28-Aug-00 Revised draft Summary & Notification for EC Board Coordination with MoST on execution infrastructure MoST
47 5.17b 28-Aug-00 Coordination for use of GE infrastructure in Pakistan Coordination with MoST for pilot project MoST
48 5.17c 28-Aug-00 Proposal for AFACT participation by Pakistan Coordination with MoST MoST
49 5.19* 29-Aug-00 Presentation to Chairman EPB of EC Action Plan for Exporters with Secy IT&T and request for EPB's representation at 18th AFACT Prepared action plan presentation MoST
50 6.3 7-Sep-00 MoST designates offical delegation for AFACT visit to Taiwan Coordination with MoST and international rep. EC bodies MoST
51 6.10 18-Sep-00 Progress report to Minister on visit to 18th AFACT Meeting in Taiwan and SNS in Singapore Coordination with MoST MoST
52 6.11 19-Sep-00 Minister acknowledged AFACT report and requested for a PC-1 Coordination with MoST MoST
53 6.14* 21-Sep-00 Requirements analysis with Ministry officials on the requested PC-1s  Coordination with MoST MoST
54 7.1 2-Oct-00 Preparation and submission of EC Board PC-1  Prepared PC-1 MoST
55 7.2* 3-Oct-00 Coordination with MoST on the processing of submitted PC-1s in Islamabad Operationalizing the EC project MoST
56 7.3 9-Oct-00 Proposed alternatives of IT Commission for Govt. E-Commerce setup and possible execution agencies Coordination with MoST & other departments MoST
57 7.5 18-Oct-00 Coordination with MoST on the lack of implementation progress & need for establishing execution infrastructure Expediting the execution process MoST
58 7.10 24-Oct-00 Review of ECWG action plan with Minister & presentation of Tariq Habib to the Ministry in Islamabad Coordination with international experts MoST
59 7.11 24-Oct-00 Ministry's followup on action items in 18 Oct progress report Coordination on progress MoST
60 7.12 25-Oct-00 Awareness efforts in collaboration with KCCI Coordination with Stakeholders MoST
61 7.13 28-Oct-00 E-Commerce Board PC-1 approved by DDWP subject to approval of board by Cabinet in Islamabad Result MoST
62 7.14 31-Oct-00 Request for payment of IBA E-Commerce Expenses with reference to communication of Director IBA & Minister Execution Resources for EC Project from MoST MoST
63 7.15 31-Oct-00 Prepared & sent drafts for EC Board Summary and Notification on Secy MoST's instructions: Ref 28 Oct  conditional DDWPapproval  Prepared draft summary, notification MoST
64 8.3* 12-Nov-00 Followup with Ministry on DDWP's approval status of EC Board PC1 and discussion on future course of actions in Islamabad Coordination with MoST on execution infrastructure MoST
65 8.5* 15-Nov-00 Summary for E-Commerce Board circulated to ministries to gain their participation in E-Commerce project Coordination with othe ministries for consensus building MoST
66 8.9a & 8.9b 23-Nov-00 MoST's TORs IT03-C/66 & IT03-C/58 for consultancy assignments and pre-qualification of consultants MoST issues TORs after pre-qualifications MoST
67 8.13 29-Nov-00 Evaluation of MoC views on E-Commerce Board. Received for comments and preparation of reply Coordination among MoC and MoST MoST
68 8.14 29-Nov-00 Minister's advice to remain in touch directly and frequently to move the project forward.  Coordination on progress, visit of McGill Professor MoST
69 8.15 30-Nov-00 Review of suggested replies to MoC with MoST officials in Islamabad Coordination with MoST MoST
70 9.1 1-Dec-00 Progress report on meetings with Banks and suggestion for taking up the automation status of banks with SBP in meeting with Governor Coordination with banks, MoST and SBP MoST
71 9.2a & 9.2b 5-Dec-00 MoST's reminder on consultancy proposals submission for Ecommerce and handbook projects: Ref: IT03-C59 & C52 Consultancy proposal deadline specified as 8th Dec 2000 MoST
72 9.3 5-Dec-00 Update to Ministry on possible strategies for replying to MoC comments Coordinatin with MoST and MoC MoST
73 9.4 5-Dec-00 Report on E-Commerce Network for Minister S&T's meeting with World Bank experts Report on E-Commerce Network submitted MoST
74 9.6 7-Dec-00 Proposal for Pakistan Institute of Electronic Commerce Alternative execution infrastructure MoST
75 9.8* 10-Dec-00 Meeting with Minister on e-Commerce Conference & SBP related coordination in Islamabad Coordination with MoST on open issues MoST
76 9.9 13-Dec-00 Assignment by SBP of Dr. Irfan Hyder to coordinate 18-month Roadmap of banks on behalf of MoST Coordination with SBP and MoST MoST
77 9.10 18-Dec-00 Ministry's request to expedite preparation of comments on MoC letter  Coordination with MoST and MoC MoST
78 9.11 19-Dec-00 Prepared a detailed reply for MoC views on E-Commerce board and para-wise comments and replies Coordination with MoST and MoC MoST
79 10.4 17-Jan-01 Consultancy agreement between IT&T, MoST and Dr. Syed Irfan Hyder Associates for E-Commerce Project and mobilization advance Formalization of consultancy relationship MoST
80 10.8 23-Jan-01 Request from MoST to return the amount given by it through PSEB Coordination with MoST on expenses for the project MoST
81 10.15 30-Jan-01 Progress report submitted to the Ministry, with information  about the Dubai visit to evaluate eCommerce solutions Coordination with MoST MoST
82 10.16 30-Jan-01 Ministry's commitment to continue support for the project and emphasis on prompt submission of the PC-1s Need for full-time personnel for EC project through the PC1s MoST
83 10.17 30-Jan-01 PC1: Development of E-Commerce Messages for B2B Exchange of Commercial Docs submitted with detailed annexures Submission to MoST of a pilot project involving all stakeholders MoST
84 11.1 1-Feb-01 Minister's followup on the PC1s submissions Coordination with MoST MoST
85 11.2 6-Feb-01 PC1: E-Commerce Awareness and Training submitted with detailed annexures Submission to MoST of a concrete project MoST
86 11.4* 10-Feb-01 Review of EC project's progress with Minister  MoST at HEJ and discussion on possible alternatives for the execution infrastructure Decision to explore execution of project under COMSAT MoST
87 11.5 17-Feb-01 PC-1's modified and sent to Dr. Hameed, COMSATS for setting up suitable execution infrastructure on Minister's instructions Submission to MoST of concrete projet reports and details MoST
88 11.6 17-Feb-01 PC-1: E-Commerce Development Project with annexures submitted for establishment of the project directorate PC1 submitted to Minister and Dr. Hameed of COMSATS MoST
89 11.7 18-Feb-01 Request from MoST to return the amount given by it through PSEB Coordination with MoST on expenses MoST
90 11.9 19-Feb-01 Followup on meeting with Minister for setting up focal point and the missing infrastructure for EC projects Execution infrastructure requirements for EC project MoST
91 11.10a 19-Feb-01 DFA-29: Proposed setting up of an E-Commerce Task Force to resolve the issue of missing execution infrastructure Temporary alternative for a permanent setup MoST
92 11.10b 19-Feb-01 DFA-26: Focal point for coordination with AFACT for further collaborations Coordination with MoST and regional EC organization MoST
93 11.10c 19-Feb-01 Prepared agenda for interministerial meeting for sharing e-commerce plans and gaining commitment for the initiative. DFA-24 Continuing efforts to setup a platform for consensus building MoST
94 11.10d 19-Feb-01 Resent draft reply to MoC comments for followup actions. DFA-28 Need for stimulating MoC's consensus on EC project MoST
95 11.10e 19-Feb-01 Efforts to seek nominations from ministries not yet actively participating in ECWG. DFA-27 Activating stakeholder ministries in the EC project MoST
96 11.15 26-Feb-01 Request for payment of second installment of consultancy  on submission of projects: Ecom/Feb/1 Partial fulfillment of the consultancy assignment MoST
97 11.17 27-Feb-01 Meeting with Dr. Hameed & COMSATS team for review & submission 3 PC-1s/Annexures in Islamabad Coordination with MoST, COMSATS for exec agency MoST
98 12.1 1-Mar-01 MoST sets up E-Commerce Task Force Formalization of EC focal point MoST
99 12.2a 1-Mar-01 MoST's Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Minister of Finance Coordination with MoF MoST
100 12.2b 1-Mar-01 MoST's Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Minister of Communication Coordination with MoComm MoST
101 12.2c 1-Mar-01 MoST's Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Minister of  Law Coordination with MoLaw MoST
102 12.2d 1-Mar-01 MoST's Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Dy Chairman Planning Commission Coordination with Planning Commission MoST
103 12.2e 1-Mar-01 MoST's Inter-ministerial meeting invitation to Governor SBP Coordination with SBP MoST
104 12.2 3-Mar-01 MoST informs about the measures taken for EC Project MoST Letter MoST
105 12.3 12-Mar-01 MoST's confusion over selection of an executing agency for E-Commerce PC1's Identification of executing agency for EC Project MoST
106 12.5 15-Mar-01 Minister's reply on selection of execution agency for E-Commerce PC1s; Comsats,  IT Commission, MoST or other alternatives Confusion on the execution agency for Ecommerce PC1s MoST
107 12.7 19-Mar-01 Report on visit to Thailand's Trade Siam E-Commerce Service Provider, incorporation of lessons in project plans Incorporation of international experience of EC reports MoST
109 12.12 29-Mar-01 Ministry's invitation to present ECommerce PC1s in DDWP meeting Coordination with MoST MoST
110 13.2* 2-Apr-01 Presentation to DDWP of two E-Commerce PC-1s on Training & Messages exchange in Islamabad PC-1's approval by DDWP MoST
112 13.3 6-Apr-01 Assignment from MoST to draft reply for HBL's letter Coordination with banks & MoST MoST
113 13.4 7-Apr-01 Assignment from MoST to draft reply to NBP's president's letter Coordination with banks & MoST MoST
114 13.7 10-Apr-01 Coordination with MoST on operationalizing of the approved E-Commerce Projects Discussion on E-Commerce execution process MoST
115 13.9 12-Apr-01 Assignment from MoST to respond to queries about E-Commerce and e-Banking in Pakistan Coordination with Stakeholders and MoST MoST
116 13.10 14-Apr-01 Ministry informs about the approval of submitted PC1s by DDWP with copies of the minutes Resources for execution infrastructure finally available MoST
117 13.11* 17-Apr-01 Coordination with MoST for establishing execution agency and next steps  for approved PC-1s in Islamabad Operationalizing the EC project MoST
118 13.12 17-Apr-01 Coordination with IT Commission on executing agency for approved PC1s Confusion over execution procedure for approved PC1s MoST
119 13.14 24-Apr-01 Instruction from Minister to prepare a reply for SBP Governor Coordination with MoST & SBP MoST
120 13.15 25-Apr-01 Detailed Action Plan submission for approved PC1s. Apr/01/MoST/3 Request for remaining payments MoST
121 14.5 8-May-01 Ministry acknowledges receipt of MCB's reply, reminder for NBP Coordination with MoST & banks MoST
122 14.12 15-May-01 Minister S&T sets a new reporting procedure for EC project. Coordination with MoSt MoST
123 14.13 17-May-01 MoST informed about issues relating to executing agency for EC PC1s needed to be resolved for expediting implementation Issues of executing agency for E-Commerce projects MoST
124 14.15 19-May-01 Minister refers the executing agency issue to Secretary and ministry officials for resolution Issue of executing agency MoST
125 14.16 21-May-01 Ministry's reply to HBL based on draft reply on roadmap Coordination with MoST & banks MoST
126 14.19* 29-May-01 Meeting with Ministry officials, and submission of reports in Islamabad Submission of draft reports MoST
127 15.3* 8-Jun-01 Meeting with MoST officials on status of EC Projects that have been stalled since the approvals of the PC1s MoST informed about the stalled status MoST
128 15.4 13-Jun-01 Reminder to MoST regarding remaining payments related to e-commerce consultancy project  Query about the consultancy status  MoST
129 16.1a 3-Jul-01 MoST sends correspondence of NBP & MoST for evaluation Coordination with MoST & banks MoST
130 16.2 11-Jul-01 Proposed workshop on national EC implementation from 3 leading EC experts from UK, Canada and Japan  Coordination with MoST and International experts MoST
131 16.4* 20-Jul-01 Meeting in Islamabad with Secretary to discuss status of EC Project. Secy desired another presentation Discussion on EC Projects status MoST
132 16.6 30-Jul-01 MoST schedules a followup presentation for 4/8/01 on E-Commerce project EC Projects briefing MoST
133 17.2 6-Aug-01 Minutes of the Meeting Held on E-Commerce Consultancy: ITC: 23/17/385, Aug 6, 01 describing action items for consultants Action items assigned to the Consultants MoST
134 17.4 7-Aug-01 Minister's letter to SBP Governor to discuss open issues Coordination with SBP MoST
135 17.5 16-Aug-01 Submission of action items assigned in MoST's Minutes of EC Consultancy Meeting of 4/8/01: Ref ITC:23/17/385 of August 6, 2001 Submission of praxis oriented brief on EC Projects MoST
136 18.1 4-Sep-01 Ministry informed about participation in the 19th AFACT meeting Coordination with MoST on international linkages MoST
137 18.2 6-Sep-01 Reminder about the remaining consultancy payments for E-Commerce Project: Sept/01/Most/01 Reference to earlier correspondence MoST
138 18.8 26-Jan-02 MoST's letter No 2(38)/2000-Accounts on issues raised regarding E-Commerce Consultancy Project Issues regarding e-commerce consultancy project MoST
139 18.9* 16-Feb-02 Acknowledgement of MoST's Dec 26 letter regarding EC Consultancy Consultancy project related issues MoST
140 18.10 16-Mar-02 Reply to MoST's 26/1/02 letter with detailed analysis of EC project activities, chronology, time and effort expanded Preparation of EC Project Overview MoST