Projects As Vice President PAF KIET

·         Decentralization and delegations of functions and authorities to campuses and colleges

·         Development of a collaborative model for launching innovative programs at KIET

·         Development of MIS department as a profit center

·         Design of strategic initiatives and new product launch decisions

·         Coordination for statutory meetings of the Academic Council and BASR

·         Establishment of Corporate Relations Department and specification of its roles and responsibilities

·         Design of business processes, procedures and policies for Registration;

o    Enrollment and registration policies

o    Record keeping of primary material for transcript production

o    Unique number management of degree paper

o    Degree issuance, exemptions, transfer of programs

o    Scheduling system

o    Examination system

o    Other areas of registration

·         Reengineering of academic monitoring, management, control, evaluation systems

·         Institution of Academic Advisory Boards and Curriculum Development committees

·         Design and leadership of the MIS department. MIS system of KIET is probably one of the most comprehensive and detailed academic and registration monitoring system in any university.

o    Fully automation of the processes from admission of a student to alumni management

o    Design of syllabus management for individual students and different programs.

o    Design of student attendance monitoring system

o    Design of scheduling system.

o    Design of Semester Registration system.

o    Design of future requirements and upgrades as the institute progressed.