Projects As Dean of PAF-KIET (2001-2011)

  • Setup of Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering for MS/PhD research degrees
  • Enabled the launch of BBA Islamic Business and Finance program 
  • Structural changes to enable Project Based Learning (PBL) approach in KIET's programs.
  • Launch of innovative Social Advocacy Projects for helping scores of poor families.                   
  • Enabled and guided the launch of entrepreneurial business ventures by business students.
  • Enabled and designed KIET’s collaboration for the innovative BBA-ERP program.
  • Enabled and designed KIET’s collaboration with ERDC for MBA in Education Leadership
  • Enabled and designed KIET’s collaboration with Guidance Institute for PGD in Islamic Finance
  • Start of MBA  in Islamic Finance
  • Establishment of “Technology Innovation Center” for commercializing Engineering and CS Projects
  • Establishment of “Center for Entrepreneurship” 
  • Development of a research public oriented MS program enabling over 60 papers in  international and natiational journals/conferences by faculty/students of CS and Engineering. 
  • Personally published over 12 papers in conferences and journals with MS students.
  • Developed a cultural shift strategy through a projects driven approach to pedagogy
  • Instituted culture of Semester Projects Exhibition for CoE and CoCIS for qualitative course evaluation
  • Instituted culture of Final Projects Exhibition for evaluating quality of graduating students
  • Instrumental in PEC accreditation for the BE program in Electronics Engineering
  • Launched Technology Forces: KIET’s Journal of Sciences and Engineering
  •  Successful launch of Bachelor of Computer Arts program; first innovative arts program in Karachi
  •  Introduced BE specializations in Industrial Electronics and Computer Engineering
  •  Launched BBA (MIS).
  • Launched MS Telecommunication Engineering Program
  • Developed an innovative Bachelor of Business Economics program 
  • Launched College of Engineering with BE programs in Electronics and Telecom Engineering
  • Transformed CS and management science departments of KIET into colleges; CoMS, CoCIS
  • Launched BBA (Accounting) Program.
  • Developed degree programs: MBA (Accounting & Finance) and MBA (MIS)
  • Instituted Comprehensive Test as a compulsory requirement for the award of degree
  • Introduced a research oriented MS/MPhil programs in CS and management
  • Introduced  4-year bachelor programs; BS(CS) and BBA (4 yr)
  • Instrumental in the launch of city campus for PAF-KIET
  • Redesign of BBA(H), MBA, BCS (H) and MCS programs
  • Managed the transition from 2-year programs to 3 year programs.
  • Managed the transition from 3 term/year to 2 major semester per year structure