I believe that aspiring for jobs should be discouraged and aspiring for great achievements through creation of visionary organizations should be encouraged. We are surrounded by examples but some how we ignore them for the sake of security and safety and our fear of making mistakes.  I am inspired by examples mentioned in Jim Collin's "Built to Last", Alex Haley's biography of "Malcolm X" and Gauhar's "Abdul Sattar Edhi". It took me a long time to come to this understanding. Establishment of L2L is to promote this thinking. 

Here are some of my entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Ahsan Memorial

ePatterns (2000-2008)

SmartCommerce (2001-02)

Irfan Hyder Associates (1999-2001) and E-Commerce Project
  • E-Commerce Working Group
  • E-Commerce National Plan for Pakistan in IT Policy
  • Consultancy for DHA IT Park