E-Commerce Stakeholders Related Initiatives

A subview of chronology

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Sr Chrono-logy Ref Date Activity Type of Activity Stake-holders
1 1.3 4-Apr-00 Contacted IT Commission for seeking nominations of resource persons for ECWG from SBP, CBR, EPB, MoC Coordination with stakeholder ministries and departments Stake-holders
2 2.7 16-May-00 Submitted workshop recommendations to EPB Chairman regarding concrete steps for e-commerce implementation Preparation of recommendations for  MoC Stake-holders
3 2.13 18-May-00 Prepared draft notification of the E-Commerce Technology Board for consensus building of stakeholders (DFA 4) Proposal for setting up of a focal point & execution agency Stake-holders
4 3.3 5-Jun-00 Presented MoC with E-Commerce action plan, recommendations and  progress report of ECWG in response to meeting and discussion Coordination with MoC Stake-holders
5 3.7 8-Jun-00 E-Commerce Pilot Project (merchant account) meeting at EPB with stakeholders to resolve the pending issues Coordination with EPB, MoC Stake-holders
6 3.22 27-Jun-00 Coordination with KCCI/SITE regarding E-Commerce for Trade & industry Coordination with stakeholder trade organizations  Stake-holders
7 3.24 29-Jun-00 Coordination with Governor Sindh for support on EC initiatives of MoST, prepared program and draft speech Coordination with Stakeholders Stake-holders
8 5.9 15-Aug-00 Coordination with Minister for Finance, Govt of Sindh for commitment on E-Commerce implementation Coordination with Stakeholder departments Stake-holders
9 5.18 28-Aug-00 Followup on presentation to CBR Chairman and request for CBR's representative's participation at 18th AFACT meeting at Taipei Coordination with Ministries Stake-holders
10 6.4 8-Sep-00 Coordination with Chambers of Commerce & Industries of Pakistan: FPCCI, KCCI, SITE, PSW, MUL, FSL, RWP, ISB, LHR, SLKT, QUET Coordination with major CCI Stakeholders Stake-holders
11 6.5 9-Sep-00 Representation of Multan CCI to ECWG Coordination with major CCI Stakeholders Stake-holders
12 6.8 14-Sep-00 Representation of FPCCI to ECWG Coordination with major CCI Stakeholders Stake-holders
13 6.12 21-Sep-00 Coordination with Sarhad CCI for ECWG participation Coordination with major CCI Stakeholders Stake-holders
14 6.13 21-Sep-00 Representation of SITE Super highway association on ECWG Coordination with Stakeholders Stake-holders
15 7.4* 10-Oct-00 Coordination with IT Commission, PRAL, Comsats for operationlizing the EC implementation plan in Islamabad Coordination with Stakeholders Stake-holders
16 7.6 20-Oct-00 Representation of SITE Association on ECWG Coordination with Stakeholders Stake-holders
17 8.1 6-Nov-00 Interactions with PTCL on National EC Networks establishment Coordination with PTCL Stake-holders
18 12.10* 26-Mar-01 Coordination of Malaysian delegation led by DDG Customs with CBR Chairman for finalizing the MOU with Government of Malaysia.  Coordination with CBR on TAP for EC trade implementation Stake-holders
19 13.6 10-Apr-01 EPB's request to prepare E-Commerce Report/paper for ECO's regional status. The paper prepared and sent for presentation in ECO Coordination with EPB, MoC Stake-holders
20 14.18 24-May-01 Willingness of PRAL obtained for coordinating with MoST on implementing of pilot project approved in PC-1, meeting with PRAL in Islamabad Coordination with CBR and MoST Stake-holders